Sunday, 8 January 2012

It took a while. But it's finally here! Welcome to the next iteration of

Like Dr Who regenerating, it's finally time for a new iteration of! Shamefully I've barely updated our Twitter feed in the last year, so this time around I've made our site much more modular - hence this Blog, and the rebirth of the UK Wheelchair Dance Directory as an easy-to-update Google Map. We have a new Guestbook, but at the moment only a bunch of embarrassingly outdated videos and photos. Via this blog and our Picasaweb album, I'll try to feed you more up-to-date media of the team.

For the latest re-imagining of, I've added a special "Thanks and Friends" page - because I can't understate the importance of your donations and charitably grants in keeping the Concorde Wheelchairs going.

I've got plenty more to add to this site over the coming days, and I'll keep making micro-announcements via our Twitter page (with a consolidated weekly-ish update on this blog) as and when.

Thanks for your patience, folks - and keep on dancing on wheels!

Bye for now,
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